David Brown (dpb) wrote in uw,
David Brown

Volunteer Opportunity

Ok, so back on August 14th I made a post asking if any Freshmen or Sophomores might be interested in volunteering for the Day With a Dawg Program. (You can click on the link to get the info about the program).

Well we are still short a few males and females and so now we are opening the positions to any Juniors who might be interested. To sign up for this position all you have to do is fill out an application and get it to me. You can either print off the the PDF version of the application and mail it to my office (address on the ap), or you can take the Word version and copy and paste and e-mail it to visituw@u.washington.edu.

So if you are a Freshmen, Sophomore, or Junior, please feel free to sign up or e-mail me any questions. If you aren’t either of those, be glad that graduation is close!
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