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Tsunami Fundraiser


As you may or may not know, Husky student-athletes are putting together a
fundraiser for the victims of the tsunami diasaster. Because this is in
the works, we are looking for people to help with the organization. The
fundraiser will be the athletic teams coming out and leading clinics,
games and other various activities to raise money for a good cause.
Additionally there will be a raffle and food and entertainment.

If you are interested in helping, please come to a meeting on Tuesday,
February 15, 8 PM at the Don James Center (directions included below). We
are looking for people to help in any of the four categories:
-Team Event Organization
-Raffle Organization
-Food/Entertainment Organization

Thisis a chance for student-athletes come together for a big event, and
for non-athletes to get to know some of their favorite athletes. Either
way, its for a good cause. Please come to this meeting (it shouldn't be
more than 30 minutes) to find out more information. If you cannnot make
it, and still are intersted, please email me your information and what
category you are interested to work in.

Additionally, please pass this information on to anyone you think that
may be interested. If you are interested in helping by way of donations
and or know of potential sponsors/contacts, please contact me.

Thank you for your time!

Cheryl Naruse
Head Organizer
Women's Tennis
(since this is on a community, if you have questions, just leave a messsage)

Directions to the Don James Center:
The Don James Center is located on the north side of Husky Stadium. Enter
through the north gates and follow the signs up the stairs or elevator to
the Don James Center. For those who think they will get really lost,
please meet me in front Hec-Edmundson Pavillion (located at the end of
the bridge on your way to the IMA) at 7.45pm and we'll walk together.
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