Ethan (thesampler) wrote in uw,

LAST CHANCE to see DaytimeTV!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

This is officially your last chance to see Wing-It Productions current production: DaytimeTV

Whose in love with Whom? WHose blackmailing each other? Who has returned from the dead to seek revenge? Come find out in this completely improvised soap opera. We take suggestions from the audience and turn them into 3 episodes of a horribly terrific soap opera! Spliced together with commercials, and an appearance by our own version of Cyndi Reinhart, DaytimeTV is a hilarious blend of the worst parts of daytime television and the best parts of improv comedy. Come see it, before it's gone, FOREVER!!!!

This Thursday and Friday at 8pm at the Historic University Theater
Tickets are $8 for students (1 dollar off if you bring tell them TheSampler sent you!!!)

DaytimeTV Website and Info
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