Whatever you want it to be, baby. (the_ridiculous) wrote in uw,
Whatever you want it to be, baby.

Hi. I am going to be in Seattle March 12th-19th during my spring break. One of the biggest reasons for this trip is to check out the university. I'm looking to hopefully attend UW for a graduate degree in museum studies (focusing on art). Basically, I've made UW my number one choice without having any real reason for doing so. I've never been to seattle and have therefore built it up as the most awesome place on earth in my head; it'd be fantastic if the city and school lived up to my expectations. So, I'd like to know what things I absolutely must not miss out on during my visit to campus. Oh, and I was wondering if UW's spring break is during this time as well. Will it be difficult for me to schedule a tour and have my questions answered by someone in this specific department?

Also, if you'd be so kind, some recommendations on what to see, do, and eat while I'm in Seattle would be rad. I'm a vegan and into art, music, and fun stuff in general. So, activities that cater to those things would be excellent. I'd be especially appreciative in response to recommendations of the absolute BEST vegan restaurants in town (I'm from colorado and we have, like, 2 vegan restaurants in the entire state, so I'm definitely looking forward to choosing from such a wide variety of yummy vegan food.).

Thanks x a jillion in advance, and I apologize if any of these questions have been asked in the past.
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