Poseidon (underwaterharfe) wrote in uw,

SIS 202

So the spring quarter time schedule is up, and I'm now taking my turn to ask for opinions on classes. I suppose that's what this community is primarily used for, eh?

Next quarter I'm considering taking MATH 136 and BIOL 180 plus a more humanities-centered course. The one I'm thinking most strongly about is SIS 202, partially because it fulfills a part of my core and partially because it sounds interesting. My question is the following:

For those of you who have taken SIS 202 in the past (especially the honors section because that *should* be different than the regular sections although in practice it may not be), how much work have you had to put into the class in terms of hours per week? I heard that the SIS 200 class this fall was a 7-book course. This sounds somewhat intimidating... is it as worth it as I hear it is? What are your thoughts about the professor and the course material? Thank you all :)
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