_hagbard_ (_hagbard_) wrote in uw,

Fountain pen users with too much ink?

Hello. I'm new around here (LJ), so please go easy on me. I've been at UW for a long time and I've lived in the U District for 10 years. So, on to the matter at hand, which just might be off-topic, though I am affiliated with UW and I live in the same neighborhood!

I've accumulated an abundance of fountain pen ink that I have since discovered I don't like very much. I wonder if I'm an anomaly in an already small user base, or if there are in fact lots of fountain pen enthusiasts out there with similarly cluttered desks, shelves, and drawers (desk drawers, that is) full of unused inks. The reason I'm writing is to see if anybody out there would be interested in trading inks. I have different bottles of black, blue-black, violet, and red that are almost 100% full which I will likely never use. They are primarily Parker, Pelikan, Sheaffer's, and a couple bottles of Mont Blanc. If you want to buy some at sub-retail price, or if you've got some ink that I like, maybe we can orchestrate a trade. Let me know.

Similarly, and while I'm here, I guess I'll throw this out too - if you have any fountain pens that you don't want, be they new, broken, dirty, or whatever, I might be interested. Maybe to legitimize this posting I'll now have to go start a UW pen collector's club or something. Though I'm on my way out of the UW in my student costume, this being my last quarter before I get my fat BA. But maybe I'll come back for more punishment, and I'll work for UW until the day I fall over dead...
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