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Thefacebook at UW

Hey, UW!

I'm looking for students who are avid users of to give comments on why they like the site. I'm writing an article on this due by... oh... 5 p.m. tonight.

Now, I've gotten comments from people who think it's lame: what I am missing are statements from the site's UW proponents.

I know you are out there: there are over 12000 UW students are currently signed up on the website.

So, feel free to email if you have any comments and want to be quoted saying what it is you like about thefacebook. Please include your name, year, and course of study. If you would like comments to be off the record you must indicate that in the email.

I suppose you can comment on here, too, but I figured people would probably be more comfortable providing quotes by email or phone.

Fun stories are welcome, particularly regarding anyone you've met THROUGH thefacebook. Do people really make new acquaintances (and possibly more) through online resources like thefacebook?

You also can call (360) 433-5202 and ask for Ananda sometime before 5 p.m. if your interest is particularly piqued.

Thank you in advance.
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