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02.04.05 Friday 7:30P
UW Students for Fair Trade and The Vera Project Present:
- Anna Oxygen
- Crime In Choir
- Charity Stripe
- DJ Jizosh

$7 General Public/ $6 with Vera club card

“Students for Fair Trade at the University of Washington is hosting a show at the Vera Project Friday February 4th with Crime in Choir, Ana Oxygen, and The Charity Stripe. The event hopes to engage youth in issues of the developing world and potential solutions to its amounting problems. With the devastating effects of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, social scientists have made it clear that the economic conditions of the region have only predisposed the people to a more severe aftermath. As basic human needs are not being met to maintain the majority of the world's livelihoods, it's become increasingly important to question where the source of our goods comes from and whether or not these producers are earning enough to live. Such crucial issues will determine the direction our world will head in, and the youth movement is essential to guiding it, as these problems will be ours to inherit."
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