llama (weetzie724) wrote in uw,

im a little nutty

i am one of the evidently many in this community who obsess over time schedules. well... the enrollment summaries are up in every department... they just arent linked to any uw site.

last night i went and picked out my schedule.
how to:
1) go to winter 2005 time sched, select department
2) go to the enrollment summary on the right top corner
3)youll get an address like https://sdb.admin.washington.edu/timeschd/uwnetid/tsstat.asp?QTRYR=WIN+2005&CURRIC=ENGL
now replace the WIN with SPR to get https://sdb.admin.washington.edu/timeschd/uwnetid/tsstat.asp?QTRYR=SPR+2005&CURRIC=ENGL

now if youre just looking at gen reqs or something this coudl take a while. however, if like me, youre just trying to find a few specific classes or looking within your major, this isnt too difficult.

ofcourse, im used to using enrollment summaries instead of the regular ole time sched anyways.. (its always accurate while the time sched only gets updated like once a day)
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