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Hey all --- I am contemplating buying a new laptop computer soon and I was wanted to get the opinions of what types, brands etc. have really been good for student use here at the UW. I know that technically this is not strictly UW related, but since I really do want to know about computers that are good for student uses, I thought it might apply. If it you all feel that it totally doesn't apply, feel free to delete my post or whatnot.

Right now I have an older Dell and I have liked it quite a bit, except that it's hinges broke and the touch pad went bad (battery is also bad, but that might be my fault). Right now, I am leaning towards Toshiba, but will not buy a compaq or HP. Also can't do the Mac thing, as much as I would like to I am a PC girl.

So, what I am interested in is:
good brands
good models
something with decent speakers
something with a DVD burner
I should have about $1,500 saved up to spend (hopefully) but the time I get around to buying it.

Thanks a bunch!
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