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lost and confused...

ummm... i need help... i'm gonna copy and paste what i typed in my journal because its 6.40am in texas and i think if i try to type anymore i might die... i'm so exhausted...

so i've also decided that i need to start looking for an apartment in the seattle area. i will be living hopefully close to campus and a friend of mine said i should probably do the UDistrict... whatever that means... i would like a two bedroom for myself, however... i would probably then need to find a roommate, and i would rather not have one of those. i've never lived in an apartment before and would much rather rent a house somewhere. i am going to look into that... the houses are usually just as much to rent if you get it in a bad side of town, i'm used to living in the ghetto so it should be no problem LOL. i dunno but i'm going to look at a few places so that i can go look at these places while i'm in seattle.

so my seattle trip looks like this: i will be leaving san antonio after work on sunday 2.20.05 and probably coming back on 2.24.05... i need to find a flight for this... i want to get into seattle on a sunday night so i can rest up and hit the streets on monday and start sight-seeing and looking at the school and apartments and things... I'M SO EXCITED!!

anyways, i'm looking for flights now... i cant find anything i need... i found one thing... but i dont know, i'll need to talk to some friends of mine in the seattle/marysville area.

so... when i move there for good... i'm going to be driving up and that alone will be hell... i will be leaving on 8.28.05, my parents and i will probably hang out when we get up there (four days later probably lol) and then on 9.1.05 i will move into my new apartment... HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!! seven months to go!! :D

so i put in seattle search for i chose dog and cats okay... i came up with this... and only this... within reasonable price range of course...
Westview Apartment Homes
(866) 550-7928 ext. 1088
2525 14th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144
Managed by: American Management Services
there is no picture... *shrugs* as long as i have tina and i'm close to school i guess it doesnt matter... anyone from seattle... would this be close to school? (UW)
i need to post in a seattle forum i've decided.
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