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David Brown

I don't know about you guys and gals, but I know I like it A LOT better when I know someone who is in my class. Be it that I am too "sick" to go to class one day or that I need a study-buddy. So what I have done is have create a page called SCHEDULE MATCH which matches LJ users who have the same classes together.

So if you all could, let me know what classes you are taking during AUTUMN QUARTER 2002, I will add them to the list. Doesn't matter if you are a newbie freshman taking Psychology 101 or a 6th year senior taking Physics 460, there might be a match for you!!!

This is how you can let me know what classes you are taking:
1) E-mail them to me dpb at you dot washington dot edu
2) Leave a comment on here telling me
3) Give them to me in the private poll that is below.

Poll #55784 UW/LJ Schedule Match

What Classes Are You Taking For AUTUMN 2002?

Now some of you might be concerned about stalkers. If you look at the Schedule Match Page I only have LJ user names and if for some reason you don't want me to even put that, I can have the link go to an e-mail address so you can screen someone first, I am pretty flexible for what you want!

So, let me know your classes, because without them, this will turn out really, really lame!

ADDED NOTE: If you aren't too sure about a class, give it to me anyhow, but let me know of any changes that happen before now and Sept 30th!

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