the_internets (the_internets) wrote in uw,

Copying keys

Hey all. I'm writing a psych paper on common illegal college behaviors that people engage in, that are not things they have done before college, and are not things they would do after. Like underage drinking, stuff like that--stuff that is connected to the college experience. One thing I was thinking that would fall into this area is getting dorm keys copied, to give a copy to your girl//boyfriend or whatever. Or finding keys to common areas and making copies for your friends. So I am not actually planning to do this! It is purely academic.

So, is it possible to take University keys anywhere around here and have them copied? Like dorm keys? What about keys that don't say "do not duplicate," but they are University keys--will any place copy those? I guess I am trying to get an idea of how often this happens, or how easy it is to do. Anything you got on this subject would be great. Thanks.
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