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Hello. My name's Lisa, and I am putting out a call to musicians ( i don't know anybody yet!) at UW who feel like playing together or getting to know new people. I've been playing guitar since I was 8, and also sing pretty well. kind of write a few songs. I'm into basic good songwriters (joni mitchell, dylan, the band, ani, lucinda willaims, etc) but like genre mixing. I am hoping some cool folks will reply. It has been a long time since I've met anyone looking to jam, or maybe to collaborate with for a song or two at the Trabant Open Mic on 45th. I'm particularly interested in finding *women* musicians who can harmonize and maybe play something -other- than guitar (key board, drumming, a tin can and a stick, whatever), but if you're a respectful laid back dude then please comment! I would describe myself as a strong intermediate guiatarist hoping for friends who can play something other than the first five chords of "Redemption Song". I don't have a studio, other than a crappy 4 track, but reply if you feel like singing on my fire escape sometime. Obviously midterms are approaching and everyone is busy, but you know. Thanks! :)
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