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Freshman Payments, Placement Testing, and College in General, oh my!

Okay, I've tried going through all of UW's information they've given me and all the websites they've linked me to, but a large majority of them are still taking about 2004, and none of them are addressing a few major concerns I have with confirming my admission. If someone could help me out with a few questions both my brother neptune and I have, it would be greatly appreciated.

And a huge apology and MANY thanks if someone can provide a reference to some huge archive of information on all this stuff that I've missed somewhere. You know how on the hunt for specific facts it's possible to get search-engine tunnel vision. >_<; My counselors aren't a big help, and I don't really know anyone's that's already gone and done all this.

I'm right now at the point where I'm supposed to be sending them a fat check for $250+ for NSEOF and placement testing and advising and family orientation (which we won't be doing.)

My Questions:

I'm in Moses Lake. Spokane is a little closer than Seattle, but I'm still going a large part out of my way and I like Seattle quite a bit more. Should I just intend to go to a Seattle advising session and save the $50, especially if I want to do my placement testing in conjunction with my advising?

I was told I could just drop by with the money for a placement test and take it anytime it's offered (which I'm not sure WHEN it's offered for 2005 at this time, again, everything on webpages I've seen are 2004 and those dates all say October to March) as long as I can provide my SSN/Student ID #. But they're wanting me to send in the money for my placement tests now. What do I do? (Might make more sense after the next two questions dealing with the placement tests and not being sure how to deal with them.)

In mathematics placement testing, I'm being told if I expect my AP score to determine my placement into a class, I still need to take a placement test if my advising date is before mid-July. We're both in AP Calculus BC, and it's pretty certain that our scores will be 5/5, meaning placement into Math 126 like we expect. So if I have an earlier advising date, I need to still go earlier than that date, or on that same day, and pay the $15 to take a redundant advanced mathematics placement test that will only let me know if I'm at most eligable for Math 125? And then do I need to register for that class even though I'll be placed above it?

Subquestion: I heard somewhere that 126 is non-calculator. Just curious if that was true. Sufficiently stupid question satisfactorily answered. Whoo!

I want to take both Japanese and Spanish foreign language placement tests. I took two credits of Japanese as a freshman (MLHS is on a block schedule) and have kept up with it, and am currently taking two credits of Spanish. I'm expecting to place into second year (200+) Japanese, and just place about the first quarter or two of Spanish. Can I even take both placement tests, nevertheless in one visit? Or do I need to just take my Japanese one and worry about Spanish later? How does that work if I'm going to need to take a math test too?

I don't need to even touch any of the Family Orientation stuff, right?

When I finally get to sign up for an advising date, is it just a general rule of thumb that the earlier I can get into there, the better?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide! Again, I apologize if these are ridiculous questions, I haven't been able to find a lot, if any, material addressing it.

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