Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

Ok ok, I know mixing LJ and thefacebook is a bad combination (hah) but I was wondering.. Is it possible for the thefacebook to say that someone has logged in from the 'wrong' location. For example, I once checked out a friend's profile to see what she was up to and it said that she had last logged in from a sorority, and I know shes not in one, and I was pretty sure she wasn't just at some sorority house visiting and checking her stuff out on the web.. She should have been logging in from a dorm. So yeah, I was just wondering if this sort of 'glitch' really can happen..? Or maybe someone has some new sorority friends I didnt know about (heh). And I could have sworn I've heard that this has happened to some of my other friends when they were checking out friends pgs (unless I was just imagining it for some odd reason)
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