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Political Show Near the UW!

Hi everyone-

The hottest political comedy show in Seattle, Election Show 2004, has been accepted to as a Mainstage performer at the 2005 Miami Improv Festival and as a Featured Act at the 2005 DC Comedy Fest! (click for review)

To raise money to send the cast we’re having two encore performances! Here’s the lowdown:

What is Election Show 2004: Election Show 2004 is a completely
improvised election where your vote decides the winner! Follow the
candidates though a brutal primary, debates, attack ads and scandals
all based on audience suggestions! Who will win: The upstart
challenger or the incumbent president? Your vote can make the

Quick Info:
What: Election Show 2004 Encore Performances
Why: To raise money to send the cast to Miami & DC
When: Wednesdays, Jan 19th and 26th @ 8:00 PM
Where: The Historic University Theater - 5510 University Way NE,
Seattle, WA 98105.
Cost: $10 (All proceeds go to the ES04 Travel Fund)
Online: http://www.electionshow.com

"Hilarious...Satire wins big." - Joe Adcock, Seattle PI
Seattle PI: Fall Arts Guide 2004 Theater Pick
"a hilarious and all-too-recognizable send-up of the political system" - James Sutter, UW Daily
"Funny & politically irrelevant" - The Stranger
Mentioned in "Theater keeps pace with election year" - Misha Berson, Seattle Times
Featured on NPR
Featured on Northwest Cable News
Featured on KONG TV's "Seattle Live" Election Day Coverage 11/2
Featured on KONG TV's "Seattle Live" 1/14/05
Featured on The Erin Hart Show – KIRO 710
Selected to the 2005 Miami Improv Festival – Mainstage Performer
Selected to the 2005 DC Comedy Fest – Featured Act
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