Brandon (blubuster) wrote in uw,

Lab Coat

Hello all. I was taking Chem 142, but when I found out that it wouldn't cout for anything other than electives, I dropped it right away. I've sold the books back, but now I'm stuck with this lab coat. I've never worn it. I took it out of it's packaging, and put it on a hanger, and there it sat until I had put it back into it's packaging a few days ago. I also have a pair of goggles that I have used for a previous chemistry class, but they are in fine condition. I would let go of the pair for $15 if anyone is interested. If you only want one of the two, we can talk price when you e-mail me (don't bother posting a reply on here, just e-mail me using the e-mail listed in my user info.).
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