Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

is it supposed to be this hard?

-Ok, so I guess I'm just looking for some other people's thoughts/ opinions..

- I'm a broke ass student (like most of the rest of us) and looking for a job, and I've been looking for one for months.. Sort of since the summer I suppose, and I haven't gotten absolutely anywhere! Is it supposed to be really hard to find a job on campus and whatnot?-- I applied for HFS desk services twice (aut, winter qtr) and nothing, the IMA twice, and again nothing, all sorts of "student assistant wanted" jobs on campus and.. nothing. This is slightly frusterating to say the least. I'm hoping, for my own sanity, that the reason I'm unable to get the Desk/ IMA jobs is that my class sched. doesn't fit with their sched. openings, and the student assistant jobs-- well I guess I'm not qualified enough, for absolutely anything. I admit, the only thing I can do well in microsoft works is type an essay.. doesn't help anything. And for the holiday season, I plastered the U village and Northgate with apps and resumes, and once again.. nothing, except for 1 interview really, and a "i'll make a note that you called to enquire about your application" (from the bakery). I guess my lack of any sort of baking background didnt help me any to get the job...I also check The Daily classifieds rather regularly and craigslist every now and again..I guess its too bad I'm not a huge fan of babysitting, hah. Well to finish this long winded rant (sorry)..
- Any one have any tips for scoring a job around town? Should I call places back repeatitvily to check on the status of my app.. so show I really want the job and whatnot?.. Eh.. Being broke sucks.. It has forced me to move back home for winter qtr, if not the rest of the yr, .. and commute 60 damn miles everyday, bah.

thanks for reading this "long ass post", heh.

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