Legion of Decency (celestialfray) wrote in uw,
Legion of Decency

Rick's Cafe

Hello everybody. Just wanted to tell people about Rick's Cafe. For those who don't know, Rick's Cafe, named after Casablanca, is a nonprofit student run cafe/hangout. It's located in Haggett's North Tower, on the main floor, near the back of the building. (Just enter the lobby of the North tower and you'll see our open doors on either side of one of the elevators.

We officially open Monday, January 10th, at 8 PM. We're having an opening special involving free Italian sodas (Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Orange Creme) while supplies last.

The hours: Monday through Thursday from 8 PM to 11PM.

We serve Ice Cream (cones, sundaes, cups), Milk Shakes, Italian Sodas, Shirley Temples (w/grenadine), and Root Beer floats (randomly, there are also gummi bears available) Since we're volunteer driven, we're allowed to be pretty inexpensive. Though since we're not affiliated with HFS, it's cash only. But that shouldn't be that much of a problem as most everything on our menu is under $2.00. We also have a piano, TV, and board games available.
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