Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

gear up .. again

Sorry, I know I already wrote about this, but just to make sure... So I'll most likely try to apply for a tutoring job through the Gear Up program and I know other ppl. said that the program itself is slightly iffy, unorganized, but the students themselves are great.. I was wondering, does the program only work with one local HS, or a few? And roughly how far are these schools by bus? I think someone mentioned about 1/2 hr- 45min? I could be wrong though...

.. or if someone has wads of money they want to give away.. I'll gladly take care of it.. haha, long shot, damn... man I don't understand why it is so ridiculously hard to find an on campus job, for me at least, .. I suppose my schedule doesn't work with theirs (amongst other things i know).. sigh..

Hope everyone has a good last day before school! ah!
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