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Community college.

Problem: I went to UW fall quarter, but am going to a local community college (Green River) for winter quarter.

(When I went to register for winter quarter, UW's admissions on the intarweb pulled the "we still don't have your immunization records" card [when I registered for autumn quarter, they waived it temporarily, but I never supplied the records], so I didn't, and still have not, registered at UW. And: due to, for lack of a better term, retarded complications with my high school, I currently have absolutely no records of being immunized, so I can no longer register for classes at UW.)

I'm wondering what my current/future status is in the eyes of the University. I am most likely going to try to go back to UW in the future - assuming I can scrounge up/forge immunization records - and I'd like to know what, if any, freakin' weird conditions my (re)application will have. To anyone who has some kind of answer to this odd question, thanks in advance.
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