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Language Placement Tests!

Hey everyone. =)

I just got my information packet from UW, the one that starts telling you of all the financial obligations you're going to have by deciding, "Hey, I wanna go to college, and not just any college, I want to go to the University of Washington! ... They want how much?!"

Okay, so what my question lies with is the language placement tests. I want to take two of them. Spanish and Japanese. So how the heck do I designate that? Just fill in both of the bubbles and pay for both tests when I send my first payment in? Because the way they phrase everything it sounds like everyone only takes one placement test. And what about the testing itself? Can I do them both in one visit, or do I have to sign up for two different dates?

Yeah, I know, they sound like rather stupid questions, but I couldn't find any answers and I need to know. But maybe it's time for a hopefully less "Duuuuh!" question. What are these tests like? I know a bunch of people have taken the Spanish test, and I'm not as worried about that one since I'll either still be in, or have just gotten out of, my spanish class, but I'd still any feedback or tips anyone can provide on that test.

The Japanese test, however, is the one I'm freaking out over. I took Japanese as a freshman, seeing as that was the last year it would ever be offered at my high school (Moses Lake High School) and I couldn't pass it up. I try to keep sharp and study it, but I don't have any real-life reference to go to and I start to wonder what I need to be studying. All the textbooks we used were copyrighted in the early 1980's, so I'm not sure how the vocab in this book compares to what they present in UW classes. If anyone has taken this test, I'm practically begging for feedback. Such as, for placement even just into 102 (or however that should be designated) what grade-level of Kanji do I need to be familiar with? I know Hiragana and Katakana are critical, it's the Kanji and its application to the vocab that I'm curious about.

Alrighty, so, thank-you everyone for your time, hopefully you don't find my post too bothersome. ;P

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