zee may (streaked_beauty) wrote in uw,
zee may

UW is my first choice.

So im interested in attending this college and im supposed to be transferring and be done with my associate of arts during the Summer. I might not make it for Autumn Term though so I might apply for Winter.

Im wanting a B.S. in Psychology, and I was looking at the program requirements and its saying that its highly competitive and that other students had a 3.0 in their psych classes to be even considered for admission.

And im pretty clueless.

If there are any other Psychology going for B.S. out there in UW land, please help?

Do I need to just get into the college first and then apply for the program, or do I need to get into the program right away to even be admitted? Im definite that psych is what im going for, so if I dont get into the psych program, what am I supposed to do?

Right now it looks like I might of messed up my psych classes and will be getting a C in two of them (got burnt out, etc etc.)

Throughout my whole college career (if thats the right word) ive gotten all A's and B's and ive been on honor roll. I hope that it helps when they are considering me for admittance.

Also it says that I need to take a Psych 209 class, which my school doesnt offer and it says its one of the requirements...

Im lost, so if something doesnt make sense ask and ill clarify.

Im hoping there are some psych majors out there that can help me out...

How much would it cost me for rent (1 bedroom/studio) for a place nearby UW? (I might not have transportation.)
For psych majors, how do you feel about the program?
How well did you guys do to get into UW?

I have so many questions that I cant even think of right now.

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