Kristi (jazzkittykat) wrote in uw,

Great studio apartment for rent

Hey everyone, I need to find someone to rent my studio apartment starting January 1st or so, since the person I had lined up just backed out on me. It's a really cute place, *extremely* close to the UW. Features include:
  • Only two blocks from the UW (on Campus Parkway and Brooklyn Ave)
  • Huge walk-in closet
  • Plenty of storage space
  • A view of the I-5 bridge and the water
  • Big windows with mini-blinds
  • A full kitchen with ample cabinet space
  • Secure building
  • Washer/dryer downstairs
  • Great bus access
  • Right next to the Burke-Gilman trail
Click here to see the full ad on craigslist with pictures. It's a great place - I put a deposit down the day I viewed it. And I'd never leave if I wasn't moving in with my boyfriend. Feel free to comment or email if you want more info!!!

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