Whatever you want it to be, baby. (the_ridiculous) wrote in uw,
Whatever you want it to be, baby.


I've just joined and I've read the memories, which were super helpful, but I have some more specific questions for you all, if you don't mind.

I'm thinking about attending the UW for graduate school and I plan on studying art history. Is the program pretty extensive? How are the professors? Is it pretty easy to get an internship at one of the public art museums in the city? The website says that there is an option of a thesis or non-thesis program, which do you recommend? etc.

I also was wondering about what the cost of living is like in Seattle. I'm from Colorado and I currently pay $368 a month for a room in a two bedroom apartment, 1 block from campus, with two bathrooms. Obviously, with Seattle being a large city and all, it will probably be a bit more expensive than what I pay now. What is a ballpark figure for the cheapest studio apartment that I could find within walking distance of campus? Also, some outlook on the prices on two to three bedroom apartments would be cool too. I don't really care if I am living in a shit-hole, if that helps.

Is there a pretty good sized vegan population on campus? would it be rough to find a vegan roommate?

Thanks in advance for any helpful answers. <3

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