Me (eveanhei) wrote in uw,

Around the middle of this quarter I dropped one of one of my majors and picked up European Studies in its place. I followed all the forms-- retrieving my papers from the first major (well, going there and officially dropping, since they told me it would suffice to keep my papers with my other major), and then getting permission and additional copies of my transcripts from the History department, which I brought to the other department and then went through the ritual of handing them over.

I'm now getting together my paperwork for applying to a study abroad, and one of the reasons for my statement of purpose is that studying in Europe is mandatory for the European Studies major-- however, my transcripts insist that I'm still in my previous, now forgotten major.

So, background given, my questions: has any of you suffered a similar phenomena when switching majors? Will this affect my application? I'm considering puttering around the departments to see if something went astray, but for all other ostensible purposes I seem to be in the majors I'm actually working towards.

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