Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in uw,
Твоя тень

The plight of a student. Hopefully, someone can help me out!

I'm registered for CSE 373 for Winter, but along with 4 other classes (AMATH 351, AMATH 352, FINN 202, LING 462). So, is this completely stupid and unreasonable? (it's winter, the weather sucks, I would want to stay indoors and working! :-) Really, it all comes down to this: how workload intensive is CSE 373? If the answer is "very," AMATH 352 will have to be sacrificed (getting rid of linguistics or Finnish, or Amath 351 is not an option since I absolutely need them). So, if anyone knows, please help me make the Decision whether or not to drop math by sharing your opinion/experience!

I've heard that CSE 373 doesn't take up as much time as CSE 142/143, but the source of that opinion is questionable ;-)

Also, if I've taken Math 308 recently, will AMATH 352 be easier for me? Maybe just a little? :-)

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