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I’m writing to ask you to consider announcing an up-coming meeting to your students.

The United Students Against Sweatshops, an international organization that has been active since approximately the mid-90’s, is interested in developing more of a presence in the Northwest and Seattle, specifically. They have been major leaders in forcing universities and colleges across the country to commit to purchasing products, such as apparel or athletic equipment, only when the workers who make them are treated fairly and respectfully at work.

The assigned representative from that organization – a very dynamic and organized woman named Helene Lustan – has asked me to find out how she might start making contacts with students across our District, and at SCCC, specifically.

She and I have arranged a meeting room/time/day for this, and I am writing to you all in the hopes that you might pass the word to your students:

Tuesday, Dec. 7

1:00 PM

Room 4181

Free Food!

You can read more about United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) here:

In Solidarity,

Richard Burton


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