Melissa (zany_zipp) wrote in uw,

Hands-on Seattle holiday

Alright, you all know you want to play around and be a kid again around Christmas time (or Hannukah, Kwanzaa time...)

So, come downtown with me and my photographer for a medley of Seattle holiday fun.

We're leaving at about 12:30 pm on Friday to go downtown and get in the spirit, from the bus stop across from Terry-Lander on Campus Pkway.

Activities include:
Riding the Carousel
Time with Santa
Playing with remote control trains

And whatever other great fun stuff we can think of.

Be prepared to have your picture taken and be asked questions about how much you LOVE Seattle this time of year. :)
(Or at least, how much fun you have screwing around downtown this time of year.) It'll be great. You'll provide lots of great quotes, have a BLAST, and revive the article I'm writing from the pits of hell.

We'll be back before 3:30, cause I have to be at work then. :)

All are welcome: UW students preferred.

or IM ZanyZipp03 if you're game.
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