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1-Credit course

At the very beginning of this quarter, I mentioned this class. It's offered again next quarter.

The course is Women, Computing, and Collaborating, a pre-cse142 seminar. So, if you're a freshman or sophomore and you want to learn more about computer science, sign up for ENGR199b. No computer knowledge is required.

Last time I posted about this class, I hadn't been a TA for it yet. Now that I am a TA, I can guarantee you that it is an awesome class. We explore lots of topics in CSE. The class is a lot of fun and very informative.

Tuesdays 1:30-2:20
1 Credit
Course Website

We'll be adding pictures from this quarter later. For now, here's a list: Programmed LEGO robots, taken part a computer and learned how the hardware works, learned about electronic voting, played around with some graphics programs and had guests from Microsoft talk about careers in CS.

Oh, and the Course Catalog Entry.

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