Carla (souzaqueen) wrote in uw,

Attention former and current skiers!

- Have you recently switched to snowboarding and don't want your old skis any more?
- Do you have an old pair of skis found at a garage sale or a dead relatives house laying around that are unsafe for use on the slopes that you want out of your life and garage?
- Did you try skiing to impress a SO but have since broken up with them or given up on the sport and now have a pair of skis that you don't ever plan on using again?

Basically, do you have any skis that you would be willing to give to me or sell for a very modest price?

I don't care if they are retro old school. I don't care if you have trashed the bottoms trying to ski down your cement driveway one drunken night. I don't care if they are rusty with missuse. The only thing I won't take are neon pink skis.

My sister and I are making our ski-fanatic dad a chair (or two if we get enough skis together) made of old skis and we are both poor so we are trying to do it as cheaply as possible instead of paying over $250 for a premade one.

I don't have a car, but I am willing to meet you anywhere I can get to by bus.

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