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I'm paranoid because the probability of my gaining entrance into U.W. is slightly less than fifty percent in my favor. I have a 2.9 GPA (all honors and AP courses), 1240 SAT, and a solid amount of community service and extracurriculars. I've talked to admissions counselors and they've all told me to write really good essays. I want to post my response to the required topic, feedback would be awesome.



Everyone encounters a moment within their life where courage evolves inside of them. For some this moment comes way too soon and for others it evades them no matter how much the want it. In my experience not only did I gain a great mass of courage, I gained a sensibility that eludes most people twice my age.

"Take me out to the ball game - - Take me out to the crowd", the favorite tune of a six year old boy whose impression of the Seattle Mariners could best be summed up as "oh so cool". Turqouise and navy blue had just become my favorite colors and the moose, my favorite animal. After sitting in grandma's comfortable lazy boy for twenty minutes, drawing the same "S" over and over again until it filled both sides of the blue lined paper, I was finally picked up out of the big green comfy chair by my visibly excited grandpa. This was to be be my first Mariners game and certainly not my last.

The forty mile drive from Tacoma to Seattle seemed like an eternity for an overly anxious six year old boy like me. The excitement of the arrival soon dulled from the long hike from the over-priced parking lot to the over-crowded stadium. Smells of hot dogs and popcorn and leather baseball mitts filled my inexperienced nose and I knew exactly how heaven felt. I yelled and screamed at the players on the field because my grandpa did and that's how real men are. I ate cracker jacks and hot dogs and drank lots of soda.

Barely skimming the seventh inning, the grandpa began to feel tired, so we made our way back to the car. He put his key into the ignition and the car started up with a cough and a choke and rolled out of the parking lot. As we pulled up to the second intersection, I noticed that grandpa seemed to have fallen asleep at the light and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head but the car was still moving. Instinctively, I pulled the emergency brake, and ran out of the car to ask for help; I knew deep inside my gut that there was nothing ordinary about this nap.

So the ambulance came and the red lights flashed and I had this aching feeling that my grandfather was gone, that he was back at that wonderous game eating all the cracker jacks and hot dogs he wanted. So I didn't shed a tear, and just yelled and screamed at the players of the game like real men do.

GRAMMAR is what i suck at so please tell me if theres a incorrectly spelled word or anything like that. What in the hell is the leadership cover letter?

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