Alexandra (dreamkissed) wrote in uw,

Yet another prospective freshman...

Hi, I'm a prospective freshman for UW and I have a couple questions about the admissions process.

Firstly, when does UW typically start letting their normal applicants know if they are accepted? I applied for UW at the beginning of this month and while I'm aware that my acceptance letter probably will not be coming this month or next month, I was wondering when I should expect a letter.

I was also wondering if they really took the "additional factors" into consideration. I fit nearly all of the criterion that their additional factors list on the selection page of their website (especially the one involving "cultural awareness" as I was a foreign exchange student to Japan for one year), but my SAT scores(upper 1100s) and grades are both average (3.5). I wouldn't be so worried about getting in if I was in-state, but I heard that it becomes more difficult to be accepted to UW if you're out-of-state.

I really have my heart set on UW and cannot imagine having to go to a different school. I guess the main thing that this post comes down to is whether or not I'm being paranoid about getting into UW.

Comments would be greatly appreciated.
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