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Calendar for a good cause, made by UW students!

Many students at the UW have recently engaged in research in China at a Yi Minority village called Yangjuan. There will soon be an article in the Daily about it.

The villagers are destitute and education in China, ironically, is NOT free.
In fact, a year's tuition is about 100 yuan/student, and most families make about 500-800 yuan/year, according to my research. Each family has up to 3 children. You do the math.
Education is the ONLY way to broaden the opportunities available to the children in Yangjuan. I did the research. There's nothin' else out there.

Those of us who have been to the village decided to put together a calendar of photos we took in order to raise money to donate to the village school. If you want to see the photos that will be included in the calendar, email me. All photos were taken by UW students or faculty.
The calendar will also have a few facts about the Yi people.
another cool thing the school is doing is integrating local knowledge of things like language and plant usage into the curriculum.
for more information about the school itself: http://faculty.washington.edu/stevehar/yangjuan.html

We want to get people to sign up saying that they will buy one so that we know how many calendars to make. we are shooting for 200 and are halfway there.
We are selling them for $15 for undergraduates; $20 for non-.

If you need a calendar or want to get one for a friend and think it would be cool to have one of photos taken by UW students of a place they've been to donate money for a good cause, this is for you!
Please let me know sometime within the next week so that we can place the order. You don't have to front the money, but if you tell me you want to buy one, please don't change your mind.
my UW netID is the same as my LJ username.

I really hope that you support this cause; it's a win-win situation: calendar for you, education for a child.
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