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I woke up thirsty on the day I died

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So I had to register on nov 19th for winter quarter, and my computer freaked, resulting in basically everything being closed. I got into my math and CSE class I needed, and then about all I could find to add was a 300 level history course- Late Antiquity. Has anyone taken this? Will being a freshman with no collegiate history experience kill me?

Also, it's not too late for me to switch the history class out to PHIL 112. I'm hesitant too, though, because it seems to me suspicious that that class is still so wide open. Why aren't people signing up for it?

Sorry, last thing- Their was a post recently on the dinosaur class. Is it as bad as that post made it sound? I signed up for it because it seems to be an easy two credits, however, if it's incredibly time consuming or hard, I might as well drop it. I think Math 120 might eat up all my energy this quarter.
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