Amos Block (aladnsane) wrote in uw,
Amos Block

Registration Woes hehe

Oy. This is special. So, I'm a foreign language student. Thats what I want to take next quarter. Unfortunately, a lot of my experience is out of the country, rather than in classes. So I need to take placement tests to register. Unfortunately, I am currently ::also:: out of the country, on foreign study. The non foreign language classes I want to take? Require either prerequisites I only marginally have (I'm hoping a combined 8years+ of different foreign languages will sub in for having taken a linguistics course hehe), or am taking this quarter; but what I"m taking this quarter doesn't show up as anything but 'foreign study' until I get back. So.. when i get back, on the 28th of december... I will have 6 days to take placement tests, convince them of what I know, and, in the unlikely event that the classes are still open (yeah, no spanish 302 for me), register. Oy.

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