librarian! (seckzee) wrote in uw,

Annual Drop?


I am in this absolutely horrible history class HISTAA 185. Intro to Latin America. I want to drop it because it is not needed for my major. I have never used the "annual drop" and I was wondering if I use it will there be terrible consequences? If I drop the class I will be down to 10 credits. I don't need the 5 credits since I have enough and will be graduating on time. So, I just wanted to know if I am right about the annual drop and that having only 10 credits won't be noticed for insurance or whatever other reasons. Also, the annual drop usually pops up on MyUW towards the end of the quarter and I haven't seen it yet. I have seen that there is a $20 fee for changing classes. I don't really want to pay the fee if I can use the drop. So, again, does this hurt me in any way, has anyone used it? I have never used it in my almost 3 years of going to the UW.
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