Marnie Raelene (marniequa) wrote in uw,
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So Impressed!

I had my UW Orientation today. It got me all excited. School truely makes me happy even though I'm a stress case while in school.
I was so impressed with the organization they showed today and how well they answered our questions. And especially impressed with the awesome food court in the basement of the Student Union Building. I'm gonna get fat! Well I guess all that walking on campus will prevent that.
My advisor said that I'm on the right track to become an educational counselor. I do not have to get my teaching degree or certificate (big plus). And they do offer a master's degree in my field.
I'm taking 11 credits of Psych in the fall and CHID class.
Very excited to actually be a Husky. I have always wanted to go to this school. Ever since I was little. It just didn't work out like I hoped for and I'm glad it's finally happening.
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