laka saint vitus (biodance) wrote in uw,
laka saint vitus

Anyone in or been in Chem 152?

Hey all:

My lab partner and I didn't complete our Lab #2 for Chemistry 152. Of course we get massive points taken off, but our TA has said that we can use the results of another group in our lab section, as long as we write a footnote about why we didn't finish (stupidity, mostly), whose data it is, etc.

Our teacher emailed us with the emails of those that finished the lab this past Saturday (only three groups!). I emailed them for their data, but none have responded, dammit!

Can anyone email me with the data from part C on Lab #2 if they still have it? It is the one titled "Weak Acid Titration and Buffer Capacity." My email addy is tushara at u dot washington dot edu

Thanks! <')))>
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