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democracy fest '04, hub today!

I don't know if folks have already heard about this or not, but I believe a sweet little reminder is in order:

***** Democracy Fest '04 *****

 A fun, informative event celebrating democracy and the power of our vote!

 When & Where?
 On Tuesday (TODAY!), October 26, 11am-3:30pm at the HUB & HUB Lawn.

 What does Democracy Fest '04 involve?
 Democracy Fest will feature discussion, music & arts. Speakers will include
 Sherman Alexie, Krist Novoselic, John Carlson, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Ron
 Sims, and more. Bands Blue Scholars and Left Hand Smoke as well as a team
 of breakdancers will also perform.

 Speak Your Mind
 In addition, on the HUB Lawn you'll find a Speakers' Corner, a soap-box area
 for free speech (similar to the one in London's Hyde Park) where citizens
 can get up, speak their mind, share opinions. Matt Gano, spoken-word poet,
 will kick-off our own Speakers' Corner on the hour, every hour--with UW
 professor David Domke and possibly Tim Eyman (among others) planning to take
 their turn at Speakers' Corner. Come ask questions. Speak out.

 Student Groups
 As usual, student groups will be able to assemble with tables and
 information in the free speech area on the bricks of the walkway in front of
 the HUB and around the edge of the HUB Lawn. Help students access election
 information of all kinds.

 Democracy Fest '04 brought to you by the Seattle Times' NEXT pages, Rock The
 Vote, KEXP, UW Alumni Association, Student Activities & Union Facilities and
 First Year Programs.

For more information, go to:

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