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Okay, so... when did they send out bills for tuiton? Because I swear I never got one, and now I have a $120 late fee! When the hell was it due in the first place?

Does anyone else find it fucked up that they send out tuition bills like a week before they're due, and then charge you disgusting late fees? Even though they have it up online for weeks and presumably could give you a little more time to pay? And that it costs, like, hundred of dollars to pay online with a credit card?

You know, the libraries send you reminders that your books are due--BEFORE they start charging.

*Sigh* Well, it's my last year. I guess it's pretty amazing I made it this far without paying huge fines. I mean, it's only, you know, a month worth of gorceries, or something else I don't really need...
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