Becky (beckythetechie) wrote in uw,

-----Green Day ticket for sale!------

Hey Everybody--
I was wondering if anybody wanted to buy my Green Day ticket off of me....

It's to the November 16th show at the Everett Events Center, it's at 7pm and the opening acts are New Found Glory and Sugarcult. It's a general admission floor ticket, and I'm asking for $40. I know that sounds like a lot, but after all of the taxes and fees and shipping, that's what it actually came out to. It really sounds like a good show =( Something came up, and I could really use that money. e-mail me back if you're interested!


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go Dawgs!

I need the money to put towards my books next quarter, as I will have to be paying for all of them.....stupid out of state tuition AND room and board AND books AND those stupid copy book things! (I'm sorry this doesn't have a whole lot to to with the UW!)
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