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UW Silent Auction Fundraiser?

I'm the fundraiser chair for a Seattle Children's Hospital Guild, and I'm thinking our guild (which is fairly small, under 15 people -- all UW students) could do a Silent Auction at UW to raise money for the hospital. Guilds are usually the cheerleaders for children's hospitals, and come up with fun and creative ways to raise money so that Children's can afford to never turn a child away from the medical attention they need. Because of guilds, Seattle Children's can operate a "sliding scale" somewhat for children in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington to be cared for, no matter their parent's financial situation. The guild system also allowed a brand new wing to be built, as well as a fantastic new facility for parents whose children are in the hospital. It's great - there's internet and easy instructions for parents to set up a website so that family and friends who can't come to the hospital to see their loved ones can be updated on the status, as well as coffee, comfortable couches,and lots of natural light.

Anyway, I'm wondering how interested you all would be in attending/bidding on items at a silent auction. We'd try and get someone to help cater it, so that there'd be free coffee and some food, and maybe a drawing so that people could win something, even if they don't end up bidding.

I'm thinking there would be items such as ipods, digital cameras, gift certificates from U-Village, maybe concert tickets or something, and the like. Fun stuff.

So, any takers if we could get this major project underway?

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