Micah (micahellison) wrote in uw,

Trying to get an on-campus gig

I'm trying to get my band, The Silver Street Project, a gig on campus somewhere this fall, and I'm having a hard time figuring out who to talk to. The ASUW Arts and Entertainment site doesn't look like it's been updated in forever and the UW Soundbites site is still showing the spring schedule, so I'm assuming that none of that information is current (that, and nobody's responded to any emails of mine).

So I'm wondering... does anybody here know anyone that could hook us up with a show? We know some bands that have a similar sound to us and would probably also be interested in playing. Right now, we're finishing up an album and we want to play some shows for a UW audience, since we've always had the most fun playing for a UW audience, from house parties to the Husky Den. Plus, it's my senior year and I want to rock the place a few more times before I become an alumnus.

Drop me a comment on this post if you can help, or email me at micah@silverstreetproject.com. Thanks.

Edit: Got some of the info I wanted. Thanks for the help, everyone!
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