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A speaking event presented by Amnesty International, at the University of Washington.

Wednesday October 20

Kane Hall 210

7:00-8:30 PM

Free Admission, Open to the Public

Featuring: Professor Jamie Mayerfield

"Torture in the War on Terrorism"

"Reporting in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal revealed that the United States government has adopted a policy of using torture to aid the War on Terror and the War in Iraq. Despite the outcry over Abu Ghraib, the policy itself has not been foresworn or abandoned."

Jamie Mayerfield is associate proffesor of political science and Seattle campus advisor of the human rights minor.  His recent publications have addresses human rights, nationalism, political violence, and the International Criminal Court.

Also featuring: Sabah Al-Dhaher:

His Experience as a victim of torture

"Many people are not aware that at the end of the Gulf War, in March 1991, the Iraqi people rose up against the regime of Saddam Hussein...I was arrested, imprisoned, and tortured, along with hundreds of thousands of other people after the uprising was put down, and I would like (to) tell you about that experience."


UW Amnesty International:  amnesty@u.washington.edu

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