Division 12 (getcrunker05) wrote in uw,
Division 12

a new organization

Ok so I am currently taking on a big project and I would like to ask for your input or help.

basically what I want to do is start a student organization to promote musicians on campus at uw. Some of my prelim ideas are:

Starting a web UW community where artists can upload music and post biographical info, show dates, Album info, etc. (Similar to a purevolume.com or a myspace.com profile).

I would like to build a connection with rainydawg, and other local radio stations to maybe get some airtime for the artists.

I would also like to help provide musicians who haven't had the oppurtunity to record any of their music, with a place to record their music, or meet up with other musicians to start projects together.

After I could build a steady base of artists, I would then like to start organizing shows featuring Uw artists, or maybe even get some on campus acts to open up for signed artists playing shows around the area.

Then if this really takes off and is successful I would eventually like to expand the community to other college campuses, and help other schools start up similar programs.

Ok so thats my plan... What do you guys think? Have you heard of anything similar? Would you be interested in helping out, in a minor or major role? Do you know of any talented musicians who deserve some publicity?

Let me know! My email is Aaquino1984@yahoo.com, please email me if you have any answers to those questions!


rockin out to..: could be you?
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