Nathan (barisaxi03) wrote in uw,

For you fraternity type folks

Delta Lambda Phi, Social Fraternity for Gay, Bi-Sexual & Progressive Men,
cordially invites you to be a part of Fall Rush 2004

DLP is a nationally recognized social fraternity founded in 1986. The University of Washington's Psi Chapter began it's presence in November 2002 and currently has 3 Classes and is 10 members strong. DLP is actively involved in the campus community through volunteering and social events as well as Seattle's queer community through fund-raising and philanthropic functions .

Participating in our Fall Rush gives you a chance to get to know the brothers of the fraternity as well as find out about the fraternity as a whole.

Rush begins Wednesday, October 6th and ends Sunday, October 10th.

For Rush events, times & locations check out our Rush flyer here.

Hope to see you there!


Nathan Condell
Rush Chair

Note: DLP does not take part in any Hazing rituals or encourage inappropriate or non-voluntary acts! DLP also does not practice "blanket bidding processes," which means you can only become a pledge if you are extended an invitation (given a bid). So make your presence known by attending our Rush functions and allowing the brothers to get to know you!!!
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