Karl (supersat) wrote in uw,

Forwarded email from the CSE mailing lists

"If you have not yet upgraded your Windows box to SP2 (Service Pack 2),
you should do so as soon as possible. If lack of media or a slow
network connection has held you back, hold back no longer...

The Microsoft sales rep will be on campus this afternoon (Thursday),
handing out free SP2 CDs - from noon-1pm - at the Dell table in front
of the HUB."

XP SP2 is doubleplus good. I recommend that everyone upgrades to SP2 unless they have a very compelling reason not to. The last several security updates that Microsoft has released (such as the GDI+ JPEG vulernability) are already patched in SP2. SP2 greatly reduces the chance of your computer being vulnerable to security attacks, and lets you know when your computer is insecure (for example, if your anti-virus definitions aren't updating).
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