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I have a request...

If you live in McMahon and are on the 3rd and 2nd floor...please please please take the stairs! When you take the elevator down or up 1 or 2 floors, YOU ARE BOGUS. You are slowing down the rest of the kids who live on the upper floors, not to mention pissing them off. Fuck when I lived on the 2nd floor freshman year, I always took the stairs. It's faster to take them rather waiting 10 min to go down a 2 second flight of stairs. Do you really want to wait all that time from 11th to 2nd floor to get down to the lobby or dining? Do you really want to jump onto an elevator thats already jam packed just to go down ONE level? Seriously, come on people, if you get on the elevator from 3rd or 2nd, your ass will be kicked off so you will learn not to be a jerk. Don't be a bogus freshman...TAKE THE STAIRS!!!

*end of rant*
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